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7 days, full of surprises

January 27, 2012


… really, sometimes I want to hate it.  Sometimes I want to take it of the shoulders and shake well. Or sometimes just to ignore and pretend that it is not here. But I can’t. I have too much curiosity to my life and I can’t wait to see what does it happen tomorrow. Or […]

Can’t stop thanking god for german language

January 23, 2012


Hallo! I was thinking few days ago , that I should write something about german language, but I couldn’t find the angle to write about it interesting and with some style.  Most of the people probably could imagine, that to learn germanit’s not so easy, for some of them is almost imposible. Well, I took […]

Around the world in 8 hours

January 22, 2012


Hallo! I’ve been out for some days, and my plan for studying, and doing some other was has been broken. Just last Tuesday I prepared the mini scheldule for the days about studying, working, reading, etc., and just next day everything was changed.  BUT… the life puts everything to its place just the way it […]

The ways of moving your ass II

January 17, 2012


Hallo! it’s time to go on with the ways of moving ourselves around. Yesterday I finished with a bike. Of course, I wouldn’t tell anything new, if  I’d say that you can travel by bus, or by plane. That’s why I’m not going to talk about this. Other thing, already widely known, is – […]

Few ways of moving the ass

January 16, 2012


Hallo! Wie geht’s? Mir geht’s gut. Enough german for today. 🙂 What’s new? One good person, called Javier, is working on one program which will help me studying german grammar. I’m so grateful to him for it!!! If one day I will become fluent speaker/writer of german language, it will be just because of him. […]

Baby steps or how don’t give up in the start

January 13, 2012


Hallo, wie geht’s? It’s just few days I’ve started this blog and started to work on my crazy/stupid/naive plan called “Nach Deutschland” (To Germany – engl.) This is the hardest part: to work on idea, to go on, to think, decide, again think, look for a solution… It seems, that this is going on at […]

Travelling alone. Really?! Why?

January 11, 2012


Before all planning stuff, let’s have some philosophical moment. Why do I want to travel alone? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this? First of all, for me (I suppose, not only for me) travelling is something personal. Is something you feel, discover, understand and want to keep to yourself. Maybe you want to […]

Let’s go to Germany!!!

January 10, 2012


Hello! Or maybe I should say Hallo, wie geht’s? Anyway, my knowledge of german finishes more or less here, so it’s better to talk/write in english. So… why did I decide to write? To be honest, I was advised to do it. Why? Because few days ago I had some crazy idea: go to Germany […]