Few ways of moving the ass

Posted on January 16, 2012


Hallo! Wie geht’s? Mir geht’s gut.

Enough german for today. 🙂

What’s new? One good person, called Javier, is working on one program which will help me studying german grammar. I’m so grateful to him for it!!! If one day I will become fluent speaker/writer of german language, it will be just because of him.

But today it’s time to talk about ways of travelling. I still don’t know all of them, or even most of them, but, anyway, maybe I could share some ideas, and somebody could share theirs. It could be like a exchange of ideas. If I could, I would give a price for the most original thought, but now I can only give – thanks…

Let’s start… Before. Just for saving internet space, I’m going to cut ryanair, horses, cars, boats…

Ok, now we start.

– I knew about this page before, but I had to recover it from the deepest places in my head just now, when I am actually thinking to use it and hoping that I could do it. http://www.hitchhikers.org/index.cgi?

This is, as you can see, hitchhikers page. Here somebody puts the date of travel, how many seats left and a price. As I saw lately, the price is O €. Not everywhere, of course. It’s necessary to check. I can’t say anything about the security of this page and people there, because I’ve never traveled with them and I don’t know anyone who did. Even though, I don’t deny, that if it would appear something for July, related with Germany, I could use it.

And of course, there is other posibility of hitch-hiking – without any web page. Just go on the street and wait! That would be probably the best and the most interesting way. Just I am still not ready for this.

Trains. Very romantic way, isn’t it? You are sitting on the window, the views are passing by and you are thinking about your life… or reading a good book… buff. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve read, there is like a community of travels by trains, it’s their way to fight for the environment. This way of travelling has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s face them:

Advantages: quite comfortable (if it’s not 10 hour trip), romantic way, no baggage limits, in the most cases no delays, posibilities to meet somebody (remember the movie “Before the sunset”? :))…

Disadvantages: long time of travelling makes us tired, quite expensive, if the trip is long and you neighbour is snoring all the time…

At the moment, I can’t find more. And I still like travelling by train. Hope one day to go around the Europe (or even more) by it.

Here I put some pages for the lovers of train-travelling.

Bike. Well, this is for really phisically strong people. But it sounds nice, and we had an idea to make some trip in Belgium by bikes. Start in Brussels, and finish in Amsterdam. It was supposed to be a couple of weeks trip. And I believe, we will do it if not this, then next summer, eh? 😉

Travelling by bike seems to be nice thing because of being able to orgnanize your time the way you want and not depend on the scheldules. Even though, it requires some strength, and previous preparation. I quess so.

Well, it’s getting late now, and I still have somethings to tell. Maybe I will go on tomorrow, when I will share my newest discovery – the triptrotting.com.

Auf wiedersehen! Guten Nacht!