The ways of moving your ass II

Posted on January 17, 2012



it’s time to go on with the ways of moving ourselves around. Yesterday I finished with a bike.

Of course, I wouldn’t tell anything new, if  I’d say that you can travel by bus, or by plane. That’s why I’m not going to talk about this.

Other thing, already widely known, is community. This is travellers page, where you can ask or offer a couch. More, you can invite somebody just to take something and show you around. Also there are plenty of various groups in CS, for example, the photography one, culture, arts and languages in Madrid, last minute couch, etc. I suppose, everyone could find there something interesting for him/her.

The good thing is that you can get huge amount of information about the topic you are interested in. You can even meet new people and do some new stuff. For example, in september I had some chinese lessons with one chinese girl Yan thanks to CS. Or more or less on the same time I participated in one photoshoot with Matat. She painted me like Picasso or Dali and took pictures for her project. For me it was an amazing experience.

I don’t have any critics for CS, exept that mostly people are not reading posible’s hosts’ profiles, and I don’t like it too much. Even I understand, that the objective of this community is free accommodation.

My last discovery is: I still didn’t understand good what it is. It seems it’s like the hybrid of couchsurfing, it’s groups, facebook and twitter. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is.

Yesterday I created a profile there. As I understand now, in my profile I can post messages, thoughts, well, my status, like in FB. And other users can see it and comment it. I’ve got few comments already. Also they can follow you. And you can follow them.

Other posibility of is that you can put what you offer to others in your profile: sight-seeing in your city, nice dinner or lunch in your home or in some other place, accomodation, etc. Also I saw that you can put how many tips you want to receive for your service. This I didn’t understand, how it works. And well, I think, this voluntarily human to human help should be for free.

After all your services, etc., people can write their opinion about you. Just like in CS. This is good for others and for you, when you are asking for something.

Sooo, now I have some hopes for my new discovery. Maybe I could find some new ideas, advises, recommendations for my travel to Germany.

P.S. yesterday I started free modern greek classes. It’s one more way to find somebody to help me. Hope to find more german people this year.