Around the world in 8 hours

Posted on January 22, 2012



I’ve been out for some days, and my plan for studying, and doing some other was has been broken. Just last Tuesday I prepared the mini scheldule for the days about studying, working, reading, etc., and just next day everything was changed.  BUT… the life puts everything to its place just the way it should be done.

I was not wasting my days. I’ve got some mini job to do, so from wednesday to friday I’ve been working. Extra (or the only one 🙂 ) money for Germany. Just few months ago one inteligent man said that nowadays knowing languages is quite useless, and now my knowing of spanish brings me money. I could discuss with him on this topic for a while. Whatever, it’s another thing. This time I wanted to share my yesterday’s experience.

Yesterday I had luck to enjoy the fair of international turism in Madrid (FITUR). That was a huge event for travellers and everyone who has a wish to know something more about other countries, or continents. On the other hand, people were asked to pay 8 € for receiving the advertisement. Basically all fair was about this – promotion of the countries, promotion of the luxury hotels, promotion of the airlines, company groups, etc. I’ve passed this part of the fair, because until now I am not interested in it. The only one time I’ve used hotels in my travels, it was in USA with my aunt.

Even though, that was an interesting experience. I’ve tried georgian wine, ate hungarian sweet and salty things (I don’t know how to call them, so I just take the easiest name – thing), check beer, turkish tea. I’ve seen the end of argentinian tango (the end, because we didn’t manage to arrive earlier 🙂 ), palestinian dances, I’ve hear music from Cuba, Ecuador, Peru… It’s like to travel around the world in 8 hours.

I came back home with 8 bags of information about Spain, Europe in general, Asia, South America and, of course, my objective was – GERMANY. In my next post I will share information I’ve got from this country.

I think, it’s not bad to make this kind of events for travellers, or for the posible ones. But I would change something. If I were an organiser of it, instead of putting so much advertisement for everything, I would organise some conferences, or some good-practise seminars, or just sharing some ideas. I would invite some blog’ers who are writing about travels, or some travel journalists. I would let people know all the sides of travelling, not just the pretty and the sterile one.  I would try to find some people who have travelled around the world and I’d make some interviews with them… For example, there is one great couple – spanish guy and polish girl – who are travelling around the world now. Why it wouldn’t be nice to talk with them? Here you can read more about this.

On the other hand, I didn’t pay these 8 €, I’ve got huge amount of general information of many countries – I’m good. Now I can enjoy Madrid more, go for hiking more often and… Start to prepare the scheldule and the plan for Germany!

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