Can’t stop thanking god for german language

Posted on January 23, 2012



I was thinking few days ago , that I should write something about german language, but I couldn’t find the angle to write about it interesting and with some style.  Most of the people probably could imagine, that to learn germanit’s not so easy, for some of them is almost imposible. Well, I took this challenge, but everyday is harder and harder. Not only the vocabulary stuff or grammar, but also the pronunciation and knowlegde, that I could study whatever I want, but in my first days in Germany, I will be like a crazy stupid, who won’t understand anything. 🙂 Whatever. I have to start from somewhere.

For my “intensive” 3 times a week studying I am using I wouldn’t have bought any language course by internet, but when I’ve got the posiblity to get it for free – why not? So.. now 3 days a week I’m on this page. The lessons are short, it doesn’t take a lot of time. They are made from few parts: vocabulary, grammar, listening and little bit of writing. In the vocabulary part you can choose the option to do exercises with a microphone: you hear the words and you have to repeat them. If your pronunciation is at least a little bit close to the original one, you can see the points on the microphone. If you get more than 50 – it’s not bad, if it’s less than 50, they don’t even try to show you how much, it just doesn’t appear anything. That means bad. Really bad. Fail. This is the view I see the most of my tries unless I don’t make strange strick incomprehensible voice and intonation. Sometimes it works.

My other source is lithuanian book “German in 30 days”. I already have the same “Spanish in 30 days”, I was using it for a while. I kind of like it.

A part of my 3 days studies, all other days I’m working on vocabulary and my beloved plural forms. Can’t stop thanking god for german.

But the most important thing I started to write this, it’s a post about german language in one blog, el sentido de la vida. The post is more for spanish readers, ’cause it’s in this language. Funny, stylish, right. I liked it. Here it is.

And for the end. Let’s sing a song! Eins, zwei, drei…