7 days, full of surprises

Posted on January 27, 2012


… really, sometimes I want to hate it.  Sometimes I want to take it of the shoulders and shake well. Or sometimes just to ignore and pretend that it is not here. But I can’t. I have too much curiosity to my life and I can’t wait to see what does it happen tomorrow. Or in 5 minutes. Really, how many of you has been 100%  sure about what’s going to happen next? At least once. Me – hundreds of times. Were I right? Yes, sometimes yes. Not always. This is when the surprises are coming.

Last week I did the scheldule for my everyday life: learning german, greek classes, week of yoga, reading, working, looking for a job, looking for posibilities to get some money for my july’s travel. Everything was planned by hour. I was ready to keep this plan, because I had my objective and I didn’t want to fail. But I did. Just the first plan’s day. I wouldn’t call it a real fail, I just want to say, that that first day life decided that I don’t need to follow any plan.

What happened?

– Thursday: job offer. (1)

– Friday: another job offer. (2)

– Monday: third job offer. (3)

– Tuesday: confirmation, that I’ve got Friday’s and Monday’s job offers.

– Wednesday: start of these two jobs. 

Still waiting for the confirmation of the thursday’s job. Then I would have 4 in total. (I’m still translating spanish-lithuanian)

So, this is the reason, why sometimes I want to hate my life (this is ironically, eh? I love my life like there is no tomorrow) – two years I was waiting for it, two years I had to be abandoned, two years I had to hear houndreds of  “No”, until one day I started to look for my own way to earn money and I made a plan – then jobs came to me. My life can’t, just can’t be normal.

Anyway, extra money means, that I could save some for Germany. But also that means, that now I need another challenge: I don’t like things to go too easy.

And more: lately I’m meeting people who had been in Germany, or had been living there – they are giving me some advises, recommendatios. Wonderfull. Just wonderfull. Happy January.


Just like Shakira says: cuando menos piensas, sale el Sol. When you don’t expect, sun rises.