Talking about January…

Posted on February 7, 2012



My last weeks were a little mess, I was lost in my time and in a plenty of my jobs 🙂 Yes, yes, I’m still super working woman (I could be superwell paid woman as well, but probably no one can have everything) 🙂

Today in the morning I’ve been told that my ONG can’t afford make me a contract because of the crisis. But, 30min left until my “last” day in the job, I’ve been told again, that everything is ok, and they will try to do everything to be able to make me a contract and pay me. So, a little bit stresfull morning, and final result – I still have this job.

I think, it’s time to make some report how am I doing with my travel. It’s like a monitoring of some proyect. This time it’s – Germany. I think, I’ve mentioned this country before, no?

So. What have I done?

– 10th of January I said that “every month I should keep 166 €.” This month I saved 200€ (spanish and lithuanian accounts), and I still have (not in my pocket, neither in my bank account) 96€ for substitute one woman in one job. But this money will be for paying the translation of my diploma from lithuanian to spanish. First MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. 🙂

– The same day, 10h on January, I saidthat I need to find cheap/er way of getting and moving there (in Germany, of course). I can’t say that I already know everything, and I’m going to move almost for free. No. But I can say, that now I know far more than one month ago, my familiars and friends have shared some ideas with me, I found some information in the internet. I will share it here also, soon. Mission half accomplished.

– Again, on the same day (I was so productive that day, weren’t I? :)) I thought about having full plan of places I want to go, the things I want to do and the reasons. No, I still don’t have it. I’m on it. For this reason I went to FITUR few weeks ago, and lately I was reading about Berlin, making some lists, and deciding. Mission half accomplished.

– I’ve contacted Carlos III university and started the process of documentation: translations, recomendations, etc.

I haven’t done at all:

– No mini laptop (even though, I saw one I liked – it was so blue… and so small… 🙂 HD mini, I think.)

– No learning more about photography. (I can’t believe, I could tell this, but I really didn’t have enough time for this. BUT. I am trying to get into one photography workshop.)

– No study german a lot. I have to admit, that I was studying, I even had a study plan, which I was following until… until I’ve got 3 jobs in almost one day, and I’ve got lost in my time.

Tasks for February:

Go on saving money, 200€ should be enough. If I just could, I would save more for mini computer.

– Go on working on travel plan. It would be nice to have a list of cities I’d like to go, things I’d like to do, ways of moving and time to spend.

Study german.

– Look for an objective, mission or title of the travel.

CV and motivation letter for a posible master. (Now I’m having some doubts if it’s really going to be master in Carlos III, but I will try to do everything what is posible to make it in some other place. Or in this.)


So, show must go on! I’m on my way to… Germany. 5 months left.