Kid inside of us or why do people travel?

Posted on February 20, 2012



Lately I’m having this question. So, probably it’s time to look for an answer.

Why do we travel? Why do we like, love doing it?

– I quess, like many things, this feeling comes from the childhood. Some of us have been crazy for adventures, books, dreams, ilusions, imaginary world, special things which we hadn’t seen before. We lay down on the grass, look  to the sky and dream, create our lifes, days. In these moments we are travelling as well: by time, by space… To the places which maybe don’t exist, or to the ones which are so far away, almost unreachable… We walk through the skies, we explore the World we found and we come back to the reality. But we are not the same anymore. Something has changed, something we can’t explain. But that makes us feel good. And want to come back again. And again. Like a drug. The one which makes you to be dependent, but never intoxicates.

Later we grow up. We discover, that our dream-worlds can become true, we can move, we can go and explore everything not only in the grandparent’s garden, but there, outside our home! It’s like living in a dream, coming back to the past – when we were small and we had an ability to be surprised and curious. Everytime we travel, we find something unknown, something what wakes us up from the comfortable-got used to-busy-daily life. Strangers, new food (sometimes so bad, that we are only dreaming about our mother’s lunch), weird habits and style, ununderstandable traditions, unpolite gestures in our cultures treated like they were the highest level of education. In these situations we re-discover our ability to feel, and, let me repeat myself, to wonder.

– We need to run away from ourselves and our environment. We need to find the place where we can let our minds rest. We need to spend time with ourselves alone, have some intimacy and hear us, our wishes, feelings, fears, doubts, decisions. We just need to stop. And when you are traveling, when you are disconnected from everything what is going on in your environment in this moment, it feels like life has stopped – nothing is happening. Even though is not true. At all 🙂 (in this paragraph I’m talking like a real, typicall girl 🙂 )

– We should cross our limits, break the lines. As I’ve already mentioned couple of times in my blog, we need to step over the comfortable zone. It’s a challenge, which makes us grow. And people need it for not being cooked in their own juice.

I could even quess, that travellers are the ones who could change the world. They see what’s going on outside their doors and they understand, that we all, for the different we are, have one goal – to be happy. And nothing else. Just like this: easy.

– Curiosity to try something new also brings us to unexplored fields. And we come back to the same: to feed the kid inside of us with the experiences and challenges.

So, people, don’t let that tiny human inside of us to die from the hunger and the thirst!

I didn’t convince? Look here.

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