Ich heiße Amerika,und ich komme aus Sam (I’m America and I came from Sam) or how to learn german?

Posted on March 4, 2012



Since I had been graduated, it had become harder and harder to study. Why? The obligations and marks disapeared, just like the punishments for not done homeworks. It seems like if I don’t have to report to anyone, I do what I want and whenever I want. BAD. The result is – eternal “I will do it tomorrow. I swear, I will do it tomorrow.” And tomorrow never comes…

The good thing is, that now there are plenty of ways of studying (not only for travelling, as we could see 🙂 ). Of course, this is nothing new, it’s not even original. Even though. As I have mentioned before, I have started one on-line german course, and I have one grammar book, bought in Lithuania. Good. I know that I have them and I hope that the day I’ll go to Germany, all the information in these courses would lay down in my head. (That wouldn’t happen.)

My other idea was to look for somebody to talk with me. I made some research, I looked for some people. One moment it looked like I found one woman in CS, with whom I could talk. I even offered her to meet. And just from her response I understood that she is not only speaking german, but also she is living in Germany. Some difficulties for a meeting.

As I am pretending to be a fighter and to fight, I looked for more help. I couldn’t say I hadn’t find anyone. Just those were particular classes and the very expensive ones. Knowing my challenges for this year, it’s obvious, I can’t allow myself to pay 18 euros/hour.

The hope dies the last. It is said like this, no? Probably it’s true. Thanks for a one CSurfing member, he showed me one funny and “easy” way to learn german. There some videos in youtube, the story of 3 germans and one american guy, who came to Germany and is sure, that his knowledge of the language is awesome. Well, that’s not true.

Until now I’ve seen just couple of chapters, I laughed at lot,but understood less. But I have my best friend – google translate, who is helping me any moment I need it’s help. I hope, that would work.

On the other hand, I know from my experience, that you can study as much as you want, but when you arrive to the place, you forget everything you have learnt in a second. It happened when I came to Spain – I thought, that at least I would be able to say “Hello, my name is Evelina, I came from Lithuania”. I finished with “Hello.” That’s why now my worries are that even I learn some 300 words, and could tell some 5 sentences, maybe there, in Germany, I wouldn’t be able to say anything. Anyway, the worries should stay where they are, and I’m going to watch one more chapter of “Extr@ auf Deutch”.

The other interesting thing is that the more I’m into my plan of Germany, the more germans I meet. Or at least those ones who have been to Germany, know something useful, etc. My last met person was Kai from Berlin and his spanish girlfriend Patricia. We’ve met them just this weekend in our mini travel Guadalajara-Alcalá de Henares. Vielen Danke!!!

Here you can watch and learn!