How was February?

Posted on March 6, 2012



It has passed one more month. 30 days less to my aim. And again it’s time to make a little confession. This month I’ve done few sins. Or, maybe better said, I haven’t done a lot of promised things.

February was very strange month.  I lost my motivation somewhere, and I stayed just like mechanical person, doing the things I had to do. Without inspiration, wish and motivation. One moment I even forgot my plans to go to Germany. Everything seemed unreal, untrue, unrealistic.

So, let’s see, what I haven’t done at all:

– Still no mini laptop (even though, that was not the objective.)

– Still no learning more about photography.

– No study german at all, except I watched couple of videos I talked about in my previous post about how to learn german.

– No travel plan.

– No objective, mission or title of the travel.

– No  CV and motivation letter for a posible master.

And, coming to more optimistic things, let’s see, what HAVE I done:

I have saved 226€. 100€ from spanish acount and 126€ from the lithuanian one.

– Despite of savings, I achieved to buy tickets for one weekend in Rome, when my godmother comes. Yuhuu!!!

– I have some information about moving in Germany, I found some internet pages with an information about cities and villages, and I think, I’ll try to visit at least some of them.

I have checked the prices of the flights, and I almost have decided where I’m going to go first and from where I’m going to leave. (of course, if there are not going to be huge price changes).

– I think, my travel dates will be between the middle of july and the middle of august. I would love to spend full august outside Madrid, but because of the master I will have to be there and make all the paper work. Other idea was to go on September, but I don’t think that I could have holidays then. So, everything depends. Now I’m thinking 15th of July – 15th of August.

It seems like next month (already this one) I won’t be able to save as much as until now, because the things have changed and  I will be earning double less than I was before in one of my jobs. Knowing, that before was not too much, now is going to be even less. But no matter, I will manage this. Especially now when I have 94€ more than I was suppose to have in my first plan, when I said that every month I should save 166€. So until now everything seems to be controlated. The most important is to keep the idea, go on with the plan and make it real!

If somebody has some ideas how to keep my inspiration with me, I’d love to hear them and use them! 😉

Vielen danke!