Who am I?

I am little girl from little country called Lithuania. When I was small, I was looking at everyone who had a bag or a luggage in their hands. I was dreaming… Dreaming, how one day I will also have the bag in my hands and ticket to somewhere in my pocket. So now I am trying to live my dream. I became a  journalist, I was travelling around a little bit. I’ve learnt spanish and now I´m living in Madrid.

What I consider one of the worst thing in the life, is living in the comfort zone and not moving out of it. So, just few weeks ago I started to feel, that I’m already living in this zone. What should I have done? Start to study german and start to plan a trip to Germany. Why this language and this country? God knows, it was the first what came to my mind. And as long as I have just my identity card, I  can’t leave Europe… 🙂

And the last. I have three big objectives for this year:

  1. Start master from September. Now I am working on Carlos III university in Madrid, master of Theory and Critic of the Culture. Hope, I could enter.
  2. Start distance studies in London journalism school. I think, it would be travel journalism.
  3. Make this trip to Germany real.

12 months of the way to my goal.

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  1. 🙂 I like it

  2. Thank you 🙂


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